torstai 25. toukokuuta 2017


Wet wet wet.
No rain but other stories.

Got some magazines from Finland, and as usual, 
not burn after reading but recycle to my Finnish friend in Palma.
Well, forgot them overnight in the garden, and the irrigation was on.

The main problem was that the pages glued to each other,
so I carefully separated each page. 
After drying pressed all five magazines with a flower pot.

Patina we call it, patina. So fashionable.

Also very interesting effects,
check the removed face!
BTW, found it interesting how many articles there were
in the ladies' magazine introducing men and their ideas of life

Hello, SISU as facial treatment?
Well yes, the Finnish company LUMENE has now created SISU products.
We SISU-radio freelancers would love to test some of those products.
Posted a Facebook hint but who will read it?

And why should radio people look pretty?
Anybody professional in marketing with LUMENE, hellloooo?
Send SISU to SISU, pleeeez.

Greetings from the sunny island of Majorca!

keskiviikko 24. toukokuuta 2017


The internet connection still is slow.
So many pics waiting to be posted.

Cala Rajada in Majorca,
this year artsy figures by an artist from Artá.

Inviting to party!

Cala Gat is such a NICE beach during winter.
In summer ... you can rest your eyes on German bodies.

Country life pure: when will the little ones pop out?

Who tells you need water in order to celebrate a pool party?

Let's party!

Do not look over the wall to the neighbours.

Do not mind the little visitors, they are pretty harmless.

Enjoy the Majorcan weather.

lauantai 20. toukokuuta 2017

Mañana country

Testing posting via iPhone
as the house has no internet connection.
Posting pics seems to be a challenge impossoble.
Let's hope Monday is a better day.

maanantai 15. toukokuuta 2017

In Ostend was Buntes

Creative solutions!

This is so cool. Another building site in Ostend.
The building is being renovated, scaffolding everywhere.

You can decorate even a scaffolded house!
Well done Wirtshaus im Ostend.

sunnuntai 14. toukokuuta 2017

Itä on punainen

Frankfurt Ostend.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

ITÄ ON PUNAINEN = Osten ist rot / East is red

Myös hieman sinivalkoinen.
Urban views in Ostend, Frankfurt.
Kind of boring. 

Remember this entrance situation?!
(Foto "Rotlicht im Kopf", ISBN 9 783938783702)

And the inviting pink hearts?
All gone.

Building site view two years ago in April.
Boring new architecture taking over.


At least Mr Zingler was clever enough to conserve the history.
We do have the book documenting "SUDFASS"
with informative stories and pretty daring photographs.ühmteste-Bordell/dp/3938783702/ref=sr_1_5?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1494760361&sr=1-5

sunnuntai 7. toukokuuta 2017

Weltrekordversuch in Preungesheim

Preungesheim is a city district in Frankfurt,
better known as the prison area.
The proper German name for Gefängnis is today: 
But Preungesheim is a lively area, 
all kinds of international things happening there all the time.

Ideen muss man haben!

Allgemeine Erklärung der Menschenrechte.

Und was habe ich da zu suchen?
Organisatoren haben keine Finnen/Finninnen in Preungesheim gefunden.
Natürlich habe ich geholfen.

Und tatsächlich, es wurde auf 51 Sprachen vorgelesen.

Radio und TV waren auch interessiert.

Lukas der Künstler hat's organisiert,
initiiert hat die Kollegin aus Preungesheim.
Mal sehen ob der Eintrag in das Guinness Buch der Rekorde auch klappt.

Praunheimer is(s)t.
Gemeinsam mit Menschen aus 107 Nationen.
Im Schulhof von der Carlo-Mienendorf-Schule.

Hier ein Zeitungsartikel vom 2015:

Und zum Schluss "a boring gardening pic":
Bärlauch findet ihr auf meinem Tisch nur als Blume.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

KARHUNLAUKKA = Bärlauch / ramsons

Der Bärlauch (Allium ursinum) 
ist eine Pflanzenart aus der Gattung Allium und somit 
verwandt mit Schnittlauch, Zwiebel und Knoblauch.

Allium in meinem Kräutergarten.

Allium - detail.
The colour is funny enough very reddish, should be blue.

perjantai 5. toukokuuta 2017

Jazzy days with SISU in Bremen

We did it, SISU-Kirsi and SISU-Ode travelled to Bremen,
three days full of jazzy moments.

Here we come.

Tuija was already there.

Wow, new CD out soon!

The Finnish Ambassador Mrs. Koukku-Ronde was also there,
was greeted by many, held a speech, listend to the music.

Finnish band Elefantree did the opening ceremony music.

Here the people who made it happen at Jazzahead! 2017.

Music Finland did a good job.

Here the pic which gained more than 120 likes in facebook.

Here the drink that everybody loved: 
Gin and Tonic with Finnish Napue gin.

Napue on Kyrö Distillery Companyn ruisgini. 
Sen valmistukseen käytetään rukiin ohella 16 eri yrttiä, 
muun muassa karpaloa, tyrniä ja mesiangervoa. 
Napueen pohjautuva Gin tonic valittiin maailman parhaaksi 
Gin toniciksi vuonna 2015. Tuotteen nimi pohjautuu 
vuonna 1714 Isonkyrön Napuen kylässä käytyyn Napuen taisteluun.

Even people who normally do not like G+T really liked it.

Happy hour at the Finnish food court at Jazzahead.
Free drinks, free food. KIPPIS ja KIITOS.

First showcase concert gathered full house.

FINNISH NIGHT, told you.

All the concerts were recorded, the cameras had the best positions.

Shadow play.

Detail of the shadow play.

Highlight of the night: Tenors of Kalma.

Jimi Tenor plays flute, saxophone and keyboard or whatever.
And sings. Well, yes, he does.

Kalle Klimas modern guitar solo.

Onehanded fluteman.

Actually, I really was looking forward to hearing DALINDEO.
Was worth staying awake.

Check the haircut on the right.

Breakfast date with my American friend Trish
who happened to be on a business trip in Bremen.

Friday midday was dedicated to Finnish art in Weserburg, 
as shown in my previous posting.
Next to our hotel was the bank, an artsy corner as well.

When returning back to the fair we detected this sign.
German war time history.
Schlachthof was one of the showcase clubs.

Iiro Rantala at the fair!
Well, he was there on Friday night and played with 
the Bremen Philharmonic Orchestra.

Happy camper!

Joonas Widenius is the Finnish musician who stayed in our hotel,
we met him at breakfast a couple of times.

Lunch time, networking time, meet Johanna,
agent i.a. for Tuuletar band in Finland.

Now take your time and read Johanna's story related to Bremen:

Work done, interview with Tapio Ylinen.
Thank you so much Tapio, it was a pleasure to interview
a person who himself makes radio shows.
Interview coming out in SISU-radio on June 4th.

Happy campers.

Thanks Kirsi for making this very green pic.

Tuija ... funny as always.

If this is not a Finnish band what then?

Saunavaunu from inside.
Next time please heat it.

The burgers from the muna (egg) grill were tasty.

Kirsi had to try the "spydäri", pyttipannu.
Own fault.

Schlachthof at night. Networking hot spot.

Bahnhof in the morning.
A day when Werder Bremer is playing against Herta Berlin.
Fans from Berlin were picked up by the police,
brought direct from the train by buses to the stadium.

Colours at the Saturday market.

Amazing tomatoes. From Holland, I presume,
not so far away.

Pretty views at Wallanlagen.

Nice flowers.

Promotion material, who can carry all this?
Well, Kirsi managed, got all the music back home.

I stayed for another day, enjoyed more music.
Which fair? Man Expo? GERMAN JAZZ EXPO. 
Trio Elf on stage.

Weather in Bremen got sunnier. Hier Weser, the river.

In the meantime I received all those snow pics from Finland.
Vappuaatonaatto and snow. Not funny.

From the snowy land arrived the group Tuuletar
 and gave me an interview for SISU-radio.

and check the pics in KUVAGALLERIA.

Remember DePhazz band?
( „Destination Phuture Jazz“)
This is the singer Pat Appleton, promoting her new CD

And then back to the Weserburg museum again
to listen to TUULETAR in concert.
Amazing. Fresh, modern, even funny.

Johanna busy filming her "girls".

Next stop in Rebels Bar with TUIJA KOMI.

Rebels Club in the Buntentorsteinweg - what a street name. 

Peter, Kari and Tuija after the gig.

Cello played like double bass.

Last (for me) but totally good Tunisian showcase at midnight.

Traditional Clubnight on Saturday:
the whole city of Bremen is filled with jazz music.