sunnuntai 23. lokakuuta 2016

Early morning photosafari

If you are not interested in nature pics,
please feel free to skip this posting.

It's all about wet leaves and flowers.

Got a bit carried away with the morning dew.

Those green moments.

Those lonesome branches.

That morning light in deep positions.

Drops on a lampshade.

Nature's own forms.

Tiny drops, but many on lantana camara.

Light coming trough.

And the early butterfly on the wall.

Some mushroom attacked by ... fungus.

Autumn colours.

Just leaves.

Drops and drops on agave.

And those fresh young thistles.

Drops and greens on the field.

Field feeling with morning dew.

In a couple of weeks some orange flowers.

Yes, olives.

Early morning rose.

Told you, got a bit carried away with those drops.

And the light.

And the drops.

All views from our garden in Mallorca.

perjantai 21. lokakuuta 2016

Matador de Manacor


Manacor, the 2nd biggest town in Mallorca.

The best attraction: Fundación RafaNadal.
It's new, shining and informative,
a bit pathetic with the presentation of the passion for sport.

 One of Rafa's trophies. Pretty.

One of the largest trophies.

History of tennis rackets.

From which country do I come from???

sunnuntai 16. lokakuuta 2016

Boring October nature pics

Let's see what I've caught this week.

These guys were in the supermarket,
an essential part of Spanish paella.

How cool is this then: sheep can eat the leaves.
Even cooler is the fact that their legs are not bound together.

The wall flower. Well, cactus. Very cool.

Our new rose garden is growing pretty well.

This is nature, too, beach life in October in Canyamel.

Coolest bird ever.

Hellooooo ... for the very first time
Pimientos de padron were served with GARLIC!
Capdepera - give me a break!

Tapas for flies.

This fellow unfortunately was dead when found
in our summer kitchen.
Length maybe 2 cm. Yes: BIG.

Oriental sunsets.

When getting some almonds from the tree
this gekko fellow fell into my t-shirt.
Maybe his tail is still somewhere ...
Real lige length without that lost tail 4cm.

Tasting almonds, roasted afterwards.

Mädels, Fransen sind in!
And help against those bloody flies.

Poor horses, those flies really annoy.
Also annoyed me, when taking visitors to the stables
and wearing bermudas and a short sleeved t-shirt.
Anyway, not complaining: it's October!

Very funny, very funny!

Cats live the coolest life on this earth.

Butterfly beauty.

Let's get creative ... inspiring wood waiting.

torstai 13. lokakuuta 2016

Life-sized Ulay

Oderazzi checked the new exhibition in Schirn:

Here the artist arriving to the press conference,
followed by his shrink.

Der Künst­ler präsen­tiert seine Perfor­mance „WHO AM I?"

Tonight the performance is sold out.

Uwe Laysi­e­pen alias Ulay (*1943)
He describes himself self-depre­cat­ingly, as the “most famous unknown artist”

In the press conference the speakers were
the new director of Schirn (and of Städel and of Liebieghaus)
Dr. Philipp Demandt, next to him Mr Feldmann, 
who's is the Mayor of the City of Frankfurt and who friendly 
greeted the press people by hand, and to the right 
the curator of the exhibition, Mr. Matthias Ulrich.

Ulay radi­cally merges his own life with art. 
With his artistic concept of trans­for­ma­tion, he constantly creates new iden­ti­ties. 
His preferred medium is photog­raphy. Initially, in form of Polaroid, 
photog­raphy became an inte­gral part of his artistic prac­tice with its earliest 
results from 1970. The instant camera picture, which has now 
been replaced by the digital image, repre­sents for Ulay the mate­rial 
in his long search for the repre­sen­ta­tion of life. 
His body still today serves as the object of his research, where 
various influ­ences leave traces and can be read, just like on a canvas. 

SCHIRN presents the first ever major survey exhi­bi­tion by this excep­tional artist.

Ulay definitely loves collages.

I was expecting more nakedness in the exhibition,
but not that much was shown.

Photos of paintings.
And in the background a film showing two naked persons.

So ... this is art.

Installation with a cactus and tv-screen.

On the screen you can see how the artist cuts 
some of the the cactus spikes,
and then paints the spikes pink.


Poetry book wall.

Photo collages.

This is so ULAY.

And his female side.

Here you need to take a closer look.